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TOEFL iBT Speaking Practice Test

In an actual test, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to speak about a variety of topics. You will answer six questions by speaking into the microphone. However, in this practice test you will not record your responses. You will instead listen to sample responses to each of the six questions. Please note [...]

TOEFL iBT Writing Practice Test

This section of the test measures your ability to use writing to communicate in an academic environment. Please note that your responses will not be scored in this section of the test. Source: free-english.com

TOEFL iBT Listening Practice Test

This section of the test measures your ability to understand conversations and academic lectures in English. If the flash couldn’t run correctly Please take the test at: http://www.free-english.com/FlashWindow.aspx?FlashFileID=42 Email: test@thankiu.com Password: thankiu.com Source: free-english.com

TOEFL iBT Reading Practice Test

In this section you will read three passages and answer reading comprehension questions about each of the passages. Source: free-english.com

TOEFL CBT TEST – Structure Part

Introduction There are two types of questions in the Structure Section of the computer based TOEFL® exam: sentence completion and error identification. In addition, most TOEFL® tests can include up to 16 different grammar points, ranging from adjectives to subordination. Our practice Structure Section reviews both types of questions in all 16 structure areas! Answers [...]

TOEFL CBT Test – Reading Part

Introduction There are 9 different types of questions in the Reading Section of the computer based TOEFL® exam, ranging from inserting a sentence into a paragraph to discovering the main idea of a reading text. The best way to increase your reading score is to familiarize yourself with these different question types. Our practice Reading [...]

TOEFL CBT Test – Listening Part

Introduction Just like on the computer based TOEFL® exam, we include short and long conversations, lectures, and classroom discussions. To practice for the test, use headphones to listen to the conversations. Then familiarize yourself with the new question types that are included in the computer based TOEFL® exam and save time during the actual test! [...]

Toefl iBT Listening

Link Download: http://up.4share.vn/f/615555585354/Toefl_iBT_i-Listening_CD1-2.rar.file