1:10 pm - Saturday August 30, 2014

TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Episode14 - A Formal SpeechTrước khi tải phần mềm các bạn vui lòng đọc Chính sách bảo mật tại đây và Hướng dẫn sử dụng tại đây.

TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a complete dictionary and multifaceted thesaurus of the English language. TheSage can look up words directly from almost any program (IE, Word, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird ) and is 100% portable. It runs locally, and does not use your Internet connection. The Dictionary comprises: 210,000 multiple detailed definitions, 50,000 examples of usage, 70,000 phonetic transcriptions, encyclopedic information (geographical, historical, political), academic knowledge (medicine, biology).

The Thesaurus encompasses synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, holonyms including nearly 1,400,000 relationships between definitions. The essential functionality includes the following: Tabbed interface allowing multiple definitions and searches to be readily available, quick cross-referencing (any and all displayed words are clickable, triggering a lookup), standard and advanced wildcard search functionality, anagram search, online search, definition and example concordancer (so-called reverse search), text-to-speech, phonetic wildcard search, history, customization of the appearance of TheSage.
Version includes database update.

Link download: http://bit.ly/ayKTlZ

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