4:58 am - Friday August 22, 2014

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Essential Tips for IELTS

Listening – IELTS Preparation Listening consists of 4 sections. There are about 38-40 questions in total. You need to answer all the questions as you listen to the tape. Tape is not paused at any time and you hear it only once. The question...

Focus on IELTS New Edition

With its increased focus on academic skills, this updated version of Focus on IELTS not only prepares your students for the IELTS examination but also equips them with the tools that they need for success once they enter academic life. Focus...
IETLS là gì

IETLS là gì và đăng ký thi ở đâu?

  IETLS là gì và đăng ký thi ở đâu? IELTS là gì? IELTS là viết tắt của các chữ International English Language Testing System (Hệ thống thi trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh Quốc tế). IELTS là kỳ thi quốc tế...

Episode One: IELTS Assessment Criteria

In this episode we look at some of the features that will be assessed in the writing and speaking modules.

Episode Two: Writing Task Response

In this episode we’ll look at the writing task in the essay section of both the academic and general IELTS tests.

Episode Three: Coherence and Cohesion in Writing

In this episode we’ll look at writing an essay and how to organise your ideas in a paragraph.